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Welcome to Toshiba TV Repair Atlanta, GA!, serving Atlanta, GA and North Atlanta areas - above and inside the perimeter, has been rated
5 stars by its customers, ranking it as the Best TV repair service in Atlanta, North Atlanta and North Georgia. has gained a reputation from our customers as honest, reasonably priced, very knowledgeable, and professional.

We provide in home repair on Toshiba brand including the models :

13A25 36A41 CF32C50 MW20F51
14DLV75 36A42 CF32D40 MW20F52
15DL15 36A43 CF32E50 MW20FM1
15DLV16 36A50 CF32E55 MW20FM3
15DLV76 36A60 CF32F40 MW20FN1
20HL67 36A61 CF32F50 MW20FN1R
20HL85 36AF12 CF32G40 MW20FN3
20HLK67 36AF41 CF32G50 MW20FN3R
20HLK86 36AF42 CF32H40 MW20FP1
20HLV16 36AF43 CF32H50 MW20FP3
20HLV86 36AF53 CF35D50 MW24F11
23HL84 36AF61 CF35E50 MW24F12
23HL85 36AF62 CF35F40 MW24F51
23HLV84 36AFX61 CF35F50 MW24F52
23HLV85 36AFX62 CF36G40 MW24FM1
26HL67 36AX60 CF36G55 MW24FM3
26HL83 36AX61 CF36H40 MW24FN1
26LV47 36HF12 CF36H50 MW24FN1R
27HL85 36HF13 CH20C01 MW24FN3
27HL95 36HF71 CH20D02 MW24FN3R
32HL67 36HF72 CN27C90 MW24FP1
32HL83 36HF73 CN27D90 MW24FP3
32HL95 36HFX71 CN27E90 MW24FPX
32HLX95 36HFX72 CN27G95 MW26G71
37HL67 36HFX73 CN27H95 MW26H82
37HL95 42HDX82 CN27V71 MW27F51
37HLX95 42HL17 CN30C90 MW27FN1
37LX96 43A10 CN32C90 MW27FN1R
40RF350 43A61 CN32D90 MW27FP1
42DPC85 43A62 CN32E90 MW27FPX
42H82 43AX60 CN32G90 MW27H62
42HL67 43AX60A CN32H95 MW30G71
42HP66 43H70 CN32V71 SD-P4000
42HP84 43H71 CN35C90 SD-P7000
42HP95 43HX71 CN35D90 TE50T11
42HPX95 44NHM84 CN35E90 TE55T11
42LX177 46H84C CN35E95 TN43V71
46LX177 46HM15 CN35F90 TN50V71
46RF350 46HMX85 CN35F95 TN50X81
47LZ196 46HX83 CN36G90 TN55V71
50HP66 50A10 CN36G95 TN61X81
50HP95 50A11 CN36G97 TP43H60
57LX177 50A60A CN36H90 TP43H95
SD-P5000 50A61 CN36H95 TP48C50
37HL17 50AX60 CN36H97 TP48C51
14VL43U 50AX60A CN36V51 TP48C70
27AF45 50H12 CN36X81 TP48C71
42LZ196 50H13 CN36Z71 TP48C90
13A21 50H71 CV27D48 TP48D50
13A22 50HDX82 CV27G68 TP48D51
13A23 50HP16 CV32F68 TP48D70
13A23W 51H84C CV32G68 TP48D71
13A24 51H85C CW34X92 TP48D90
14AF41 51H93 CW34XC2 TP48E50
14AF42 51HX83 CX27D60 TP48E51
14AF43 51HX84 CX27E60 TP48E60
17HLV85 51HX94 CX27F60 TP48E61
19A20 52HMX85 CX32C80 TP48E90
19A21 52LX177 CX32C81 TP48G10
19A24 53AX61 CX32D60 TP50F50
20A23 53AX62 CX32D70 TP50F51
20A42 55A10 CX32D80 TP50F60
20A43 55A10A CX32D81 TP50F61
20A44 55A60 CX32E60 TP50F90
20A45C 55A60A CX32E70 TP50G50
20A46C 55A60R CX32F60 TP50G60
20AF41 55H70 CX32G60 TP50G90
20AF44 56H80 CX32H60 TP50H15
20AS21 57H82 CX35C60 TP50H50
20AS22 57H84C CX35C80 TP50H60
20AS23 57H85C CX35C81 TP50H64
20AS24 57HDX82 CX35D60 TP50H95
20AS25 57HLX82 CX35D70 TP55C80
20AS26 57HX81 CX35D80 TP55C81
20DL15 57HX83 CX35D81 TP55D80
20HLV85 57HX84 CX35E60 TP55D81
20VL43U 57HX93 CX35E70 TP55E50
20dl77 57HX94 CX35E81 TP55E51
24AF41 61A60A CX35F60 TP55E80
24AF43 61A60R CX35F70 TP55E81
24AF44 61A61 CX36F67 TP55F80
26HF15 61A62 CX36F84 TP55F81
26HF86C 61H70 CX36F85 TP55G60
27A10 61H71 CX36G60 TP55G90
27A14 62HM116 CX36H60 TP55H64
27A32 62HM14 CX36H64 TP55H95
27A33 62HM15A CZ19M21 TP61E80
27A34 62HMX85 CZ19T31 TP61E90
27A35C 65H14 CZ27T31 TP61F80
27A40 65H82 CZ27V51 TP61F90
27A41 65H83 CZ32T31 TP61G60
27A42 65H84 CZ32V51 TP61G90
27A43 65H85C CZ32V61 TP61H60
27A44 65HC15 CZ36T31 TP61H95
27A45 65HDX82 CZ36V51 TP71G90
27A46C 65HX81 CZ36V61 TP71H95
27A50 65HX83 MD13M1 TW40F80
27A51 65HX93 MD13N1 TW40H80
27A60 65NH84 MD13N1C TW56D90
27A62 CE19G10 MD13N1R TW56F80
27AF41 CE19H15 MD13N3 TW56X81
27AF42 CE20C10 MD13N3R TW65G80
27AF43 CE20D10 MD13P1 TW65H80
27AF44 CE20E10 MD13P3 TW65X81
27AF46C CE20F10 MD13Q11 TZ43V61
27AF53 CE27C10 MD13Q41 TZ50V61
27AF61 CE27C15 MD13Q42 26HF66
27AF62 CE27E15 MD14F11 42HP83
27AFX54 CE27F15 MD14F12 50HP81
27AFX55 CE27G15 MD14F51 50HP82
27AFX56 CE27H15 MD14F52 50HPX95
27AX61 CE27T11 MD14FN1 40H80
27HLV95 CE30C10 MD14FN1C 42H81
29AS41 CE32C10 MD14FN1P 42HM66
30HF83 CE32C14 MD14FN1R 43H72
30HF86C CE32D14 MD14FP1 46H83
32A10 CE32D16 MD19N1 46H84
32A12 CE32E15 MD19N1C 46HM84
32A13 CE32F15 MD19N1R 46HM94
32A14 CE32G15 MD19N3 46HM95
32A15 CE32H15 MD20F12 50A60
32A32 CE32T11 MD20F51 50A62
32A33 CE35D10 MD20F52 50H72
32A35 CE35E15 MD20FL1 50H81
32A35C CE35F15 MD20FM1 50H82
32A36C CE36G15 MD20FM1CR 50HM66
32A40 CE36G18 MD20FN1 50HX81
32A41 CE36H15 MD20FN1C 51H83
32A42 CE36T11 MD20FN1CR 51H84
32A42A CF13C20 MD20FN1R 51H94
32A43 CF13E22 MD20FN3 51HX93
32A50 CF13E23 MD20FN3R 52HM84
32A60 CF13F22 MD20FP1 52HM94
32A61 CF13G22 MD20FP3 52HM95
32A62 CF13H22 MD20P1 52HMX84
32AF13 CF19C20 MD20P3 52HMX94
32AF14 CF19E22 MD20Q41 52HMX95
32AF41 CF19F22 MD20Q42 53H71
32AF42 CF19F30 MD24F51 53HX71
32AF43 CF19F32 MD24F52 56HM195
32AF44 CF19G22 MD24FP1 56HM66
32AF46C CF19G32 MD26H82 56HMX96
32AF53 CF19H22 MD30H82 56MX195
32AF62 CF19H32 MD9DP1 57H81
32AFX61 CF20C30 MV13K1 57H83
32AFX62 CF20C40 MV13K1W 57H84
32AX60 CF20D30 MV13K2 57H93
32D46 CF20D40 MV13N2 57H94
32HF72 CF20E30 MV13N2C 61A60
32HF73 CF20E40 MV13N2W 62HM15
32HFX71 CF20F40 MV13N3 62HM195
32HFX72 CF26C30 MV13N3C 62HM84
32HFX73 CF27C30 MV13P2 62HM94
32HL17 CF27C40 MV13P3 62HM95
32HL17U CF27C50 MV13Q41 62HMX84
32HL37 CF27D30 MV14FM4 62HMX94
32HL37U CF27D50 MV19H01 62HMX95
32HL67U CF27E30 MV19K1 62MX195
32HL85 CF27E50 MV19K1W 65H80
34AS41 CF27E55 MV19K2 65H81
34HD82 CF27F30 MV19N2 65H93
34HDX82 CF27F50 MV19N2C 72HM195
34HF81 CF27G30 MV19N2W 72MX195
34HF81C CF27G50 MV19N3C TN55X81
34HF84 CF27H40 MV20P2 TP55H60
34HFX84 CF27H50 MV20Q41 TW40X81
36A10 CF30C40 MV9DL2 TZ50V51
36A11 CF30C50 MW14F51 TZ55V61
36A12 CF30E50 MW14F52 TZ61V61
36A13 CF30F40 MW20F11  
36A40 CF30F40R MW20F12  

We provide in home repair to customers in Acworth, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming, Canton, Doraville, Duluth, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Marietta, Norcross, Roswell, Smyrna, Suwanee, and Woodstock. The following represent our primary zip code coverage: 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30024, 30028, 30040, 30041, 30042, 30043, 30062, 30064, 30066, 30067, 30068, 30071, 30075, 30076, 30080, 30082, 30092, 30093, 30096, 30097, 30101, 30102, 30114, 30115, 30152, 30188, 30189, 30327, 30342, 30319, 30338, 30340, 30341, 30350, 30518, 30519.

We are a recognized Authorized Service Center for major TV brands including Hitachi, Insignia, JVC, Mitsubishi, RCA, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, and Toshiba. Our qualified technicians are equally experienced with service on other leading TV brands including Emerson, GE, Toshiba, Magnavox, Toshiba, Philips, Pioneer, Polaroid, Sony, Toshiba, Westinghouse and Zenith.

We pride ourselves on sharing our genuine concern for our customers' TVs, as well as an appreciation of their time and product investment. Accordingly our service includes an expert diagnosis, prompt repair estimate and an accurate evaluation of the TV's cost to repair versus the TVs' current replacement cost.


At, the customer always comes first.


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